About Katrina

Author, healer, professional witch, blogger, Tarotologist, and teacher, Katrina Rasbold is co-owner of Crossroads Metaphysical Store. She has written more than thirty books on magic, metaphysics, Tarotology, and the occult, all of which you can find on her Amazon author page.

She offers both online and in-person classes, which you can find on the Crossroads Metaphysical Store website.

Katrina performs spell work for select clients, as well as spiritual cleansings and readings both in person and by remote (at a distance). She makes many of the products sold at Crossroads.

Katrina is joined by “Producer Nelta” Privitt and internationally recognized psychic and medium, Gladys Gordillo, on the first Thursday of each month for the Witch At The Crossroads Hour with one card Tarot/Oracle card readings and discussions about Conjure, Magic, Divination, and other metaphysical subjects. Witch At The Crossroads Hour is a Facebook Live Stream from the Crossroads Facebook page.

Due to time constraints and the demand for her services, Katrina rarely accepts telephone consultations. To order her services, please consult the links in the paragraph above. If you have questions or wish to discuss your situation more fully, you may email her at drrasbold@gmail.com.