About Dahlia

Dahlia is mutli-certified subtle energy healing facilitator with a background in psychology and crisis counseling who incorporates shamanic practices, sound healing, vibrational adjustments, reiki, crystal healing, angelic assistance, and divine guidance in support of others for their personal growth, evolution, and self-healing. She is not tied to any particular religious denomination and only works in and with the light of the highest vibrations of consciousness and energy. This allows her to work with Christians, agnostics, atheists, spiritualists, and all walks of life because her practices are energy based and transcend all belief systems without her clients having to compromise their beliefs or practices. In her work she partners with those open to exploring the hurts and blocks of their past in order to move forward in power and purpose for their future.

Working with anywhere from 6 to 16 clients a week she opens up her healing space in order to allow individuals to come and set down their burdens and/or grow in spiritual awareness. Her work brings the mind and body deep into the present moment to allow the body to do what it naturally does which is to self-heal and for the spirit to expand. Dahlia’s subtle energy techniques can facilitate stress reduction; an emotional release; balancing of all the subtle energy fields, channels, and bodies that exist within and around every living being; and create a foundation for change that allows the individual (if they choose) to raise the vibration and attract the lifestyle and people that they wish to have as they move forward in their lives. This is no small task which is why Dahlia trusts in and shares the divine guidance that comes through in support of every person she works with. The modalities that she has brought together are a great compliment to therapy, goal setting, weight loss, manifesting change, spiritual growth and evolution, and more. Her hope is to stand with those seeking their own healing and assist them in bringing awareness to their limiting beliefs and blocks so that they can release them and grow.